Auto Toothbrush For Children Kids Electric U Shaped Ultrasoni Toothbrush and Charging U Type Automatic Electric Toothbrush ED711

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Material ABS
Power Source DC 3.2-3.7,Magnetive Induction Charging
Battery Type 500mAh Lithium Battery
Watterproof IPX7
Product Size 52*115mm
Net Weight 80g


1.Magnetic Levitation Motor.

2.Food grade silicone bristle. 

3.Two teeth cleaning modes,morning mode(tender),night mode(powerful)

4.2 minutes timer and 30 seconds interval time reminder

5.Vibration 8000 and 16000 strokes/min

6.20 days runtime of battery after 2 hours charging.

What's reason let you choose the sonic electric toothbrush?

1.Simulate Children’s teeth shape and bionic design of 45°Barr bristles arrangement with Three-D parameters. With 360°full package, the bristles is no need to change the edge and brushing six sides at a time.

2.Smart timing of 45 seconds and fully automatic brushing,guide the baby to develop a scientist habit of brushing teeth.

3.Switch arbitrarily by only one button,t is easy to use, so that the baby could use it by pressing,he morning mode (Tender) is 8000 strokers/ min, which is gently clean and soothe gums to wake your baby for a beautiful day;the night mode (Powerful) is 18000 strokers / min, which clean deeply, massage the gums and take good care of the baby to sleep soundly.

4.Brush teeth in the morning and evening, and it will spend 45 seconds each time,magnetic charging design, charging at one touch,labor-saving operation, USB interface, easy to use.

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