Popular Science of Electric Toothbrush (1): How to choose an electric toothbrush?

The front flush is the only criterion for distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrushes.
Judging from the third domestic oral health inspection in 2005 and the fourth domestic oral health inspection in 2015, the tooth decay rate of adolescents and children has risen from 66% to 70.9% in the past ten years, and the adult tooth decay rate is higher than 80%. The elderly guarantee more than 98%, which seriously affects the quality of life of Chinese people and increases the cost of going to the hospital.
The fact that Chinese people have such serious dental problems doesn’t mean they don’t brush their teeth well. Instead, in general, children’s toothbrushes are hand-pulled hard brushes. It wears a lot of teeth, the actual effect of removing plaque is poor, and it cannot eliminate blind spots such as tooth gaps and pits and fissures that cannot be brushed by toothbrushes. For children, brushing their teeth is not a happy thing. Many children do not brush their teeth carefully. Tooth decay is mainly caused by slow brushing of blind spots, and gingival inflammation is also caused by unclean gingival sulcus.
But people urgently need a good brushing method to change the current brushing method to solve this problem.
Many people are willing to buy an electric toothbrush after hearing that electric toothbrushes actually work better than hand-pulled children’s toothbrushes for plaque removal.
In 1954, Swiss doctors invented and created the rotary electric toothbrush. So far, it has been tepid because it does not remove clean and tidy teeth and teeth.
High-end audio frequency electric toothbrush, the important electric power swings (about 12°), 31,000 times/min shaking, just put the electric toothbrush head gently on the teeth and move slowly, it can immediately promote the high-frequency brushing of the toothbrush bristles , to promote oral plastic foam to create a strong front flushing transparent liquid, clean teeth, grooves and other blind spots of brushing, in addition to the actual effect of removing the root part, the root of the tooth is healthier. It’s not easy to brush your teeth, and you don’t need to floss. This is the real solution to brushing your teeth.
Medium and low-grade audio electric toothbrush, the important motor force is small, the swing is small (less than 8°), it cannot promote the effective shaking of the toothbrush bristles, the actual removal effect is poor, and it cannot lead to the actual cleaning effect, or manual brushing and flossing help to eliminate teeth.

Post time: Mar-29-2022